KDB HVAC offers residential and commercial services in and around Kamloops for all you air conditioning needs.

Our certified refrigeration mechanics can maintain your newer equipment, keep your older equipment running and install brand new cooling systems for you.  Whether its a complicated built up commercial heat pump loop, a restaurant make up air with air conditioning or a basic home central air we have the knowledge and experience to meet your needs.

Residential Services

Maintenance – We believe in maintenance as almost all air conditioning failures can be prevented, a basic annual service on your cooling system includes full testing of electrical components such as capacitors which allow your compressor and fans to start.  Loose connections, dirty coils and improper refrigerant charge can all rob you off efficiency and life expectancy.  Improperly set thermostats can cause freeze ups and unnecessarily increase hydro bills.  KDB HVAC is committed to maintaining your AC system so it can last as long as possible while costing you less.  Book your preventative maintenance today, we will clean your condenser coils, check electrical connections, test fan motors, capacitors and compressors.  A full diagnostic will be done on the system while it runs to ensure proper refrigerant charge and optimize cooling capabilities.

Emergency service – Unfortunately break downs due occur and homes quickly become uncomfortable in the hot Kamloops summers without functioning Air Conditioning.  We offer 24-hour support and often respond to your emergencies on the same day.  Our technicians are red seal certified and trained on all manufacturer’s air conditioners and heat pump systems.  We don’t believe that there is only one way to fix a problem.  A lot of aging equipment is still serviceable and with proper repair and ongoing maintenance can continue to provide comfortable temperatures for years to come.  While updating to new equipment can increase efficiency, and decrease operating costs we will work with homeowners to determine if repair or replacement is best for them.  Your comfort is important to us.  Comfort with the temperature in your home and also comfortable with the level of service which we have provided.

New equipment installationKDB HVAC is proud to be fast tracked as the Kamloops’ first authorized dealer for Airease heating and cooling products.  We offer a full line of cooling equipment including:

  • Central air conditioners
  • Central heat pump systems
  • Ductless Split (AC and heat pump available)
  • Indoor air quality equipment (wide variety of filters and UV lighting solutions)

Commercial Services

Kamloops businesses require the utmost in comfort and control for their spaces.  With high summer temperatures and busy office environments our professional service can help you keep cool under any conditions.  Today’s commercial systems feature complicated control systems, building automation connection, multiple set points, interfaces and logic controls.  Our techs have years of experience and excel at troubleshooting difficult and ongoing issues in larger spaces.  Have renovations caused previously well conditioned spaces to become hot and uncomfortable?  We can fix it!  Careful analysis of the whole space can find:

  • Ideal thermostat/sensor locations
  • Properly sized and located return air vents
  • Adequate airflow for all offices and public spaces

Service contracts are available for the all local businesses from the biggest to the smallest we help them all. Maintenance packages include:

  • Filter changes
  • Fan belt tensioning and replacement
  • Coil cleaning
  • Electrical checks
  • Annual refrigerant leak checks
  • Ozone depleting substance reports (required for government compliance)

Call today for your free estimate on maintenance or repair work needed at your facility.