Ventilation is an under appreciated part of the heating and cooling industry.  Without fans to move air and ducts to carry it throughout your home the furnace and air conditioner can not work.  We have the tools and experience to correctly size all aspects of this critical system.  All homes, new and old, require adequate fresh air supplied for breathing, odor control and also to support proper combustion.

Improper fresh air supply can cause inefficient burning inside you furnace and hot water tanks.  This leads to plugged heat exchangers, dirty burners, large gas bills and the potential for deadly carbon monoxide gas to enter your home.  In the summer months poor ductwork can cause warm and cold spots, high electrical bills as well as freeze ups and premature failure of the air conditioning compressor.

When KDB HVAC quotes a new furnace or air conditioning system we measure the static pressure in your ducts, the size and quantity of all vents and calculate the air flowing throughout the entire house to ensure that all new equipment is properly sized and will run at maximum efficiency at all times.  Any and all recommendations can be made to upgrade existing fans, ducts, filters or controls at this time before making any major purchases.  We provide this service to give you peace of mind that your new equipment will keep your family comfortable in summer and winter for years to come.

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